Features of Delhi-NCR Metro

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Welcome Aboard!

Delhi NCR Metro is an offline application, which once installed, provides all the information of Delhi Metro and much more. It has been designed with a very user centric approach, with some of the most updated features like “Route search”, “search by location”, “search by address”, interactive metro map to calculate fair and time from station A to station B, Google map, category wise segregated places list of Delhi-NCR zone, line information, detailed information of individual stations. It also includes recently updated stations and respective fare information.

Find Your Route

Provides fare information between two station, total time, number of stops, and number of switches between the intermediate stations. Displays multiple possible paths using “sort by time” and “sort by fare”. Interactive Metro map, displaying your route search results. Route search results on Google Maps and individual station information.

Interactive Map

Interactive Route Map – Find your route by tapping and selecting start and end station on the map. Find journey time, cost, number of stations in between, number of switches on junction and explore complete route on better interface


Places: Find most sought after places in Delhi-NCR, nearest metro station to them, their distance from nearest metro station, address, description and location on Google map to explore more possibilities